Rules and regulations – 2018


The ALUT – Algarviana Ultra Trail is an outdoor pedestrian recreational/sports event, following entirely the trail of Via Algarviana. The second edition (2018) will be held from the 29th of November until the 2nd of December. It is organised by ATR – Associação Algarve Trail Running and RTA – Região de Turismo do Algarve (Tourism Board of the Algarve), in partnership with ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal and with the support of Associação Almargem.



Participants can run as individuals or relay teams. In the relay category, teams are made up of 2, 3 or 4 runners (males, females or mixed). In relays, baton passes are at each team’s discretion and will only be allowed at specific checkpoints indicated by the organization. Each participant is required to complete at least one stage between checkpoints. The number of passes is at each team’s discretion. Registered teams have to arrange transportation for their own personnel between checkpoints. The organization is not responsible for this transport. During the competition there can only be one team member in the trail. The replacing relay runner should head towards the baton pass point and perform the exchange. Participants are responsible to provide confirmation of their arrival and to report the departure of the next relay runner. All the mandatory rules for individual participants also apply to relay participants. The withdrawal of a team member does not exclude the remaining participants from competition. However, they will not be ranked and will not receive any finishers prizes.


For Individual registrations it is compulsory to have participated in at least one competition of 100 km and to have finished it. In addition to the long distance, participants may have to deal with wide temperature variations, rain, wind, sleep deprivation, among others.  The organization will provide all necessary means to ensure safety and support. Nevertheless, participants must bear in mind that the organization’s role is not to help runners to overcome potential foreseen problems in a completion such as ALUT. Safety always begins in the participant and depends on his/her ability to overcome any potential obstacles, his/her stamina and psychological condition in order to assure the his/her well-being.


Registration starts on the 3rd of March and extends until the 15th of November, or until the number of 100 participants is reached. There are 60 registrations for individual participants. The remaining registrations are reserved for relay teams. The total number of participants can be extended to guarantee our partners’ and sponsors’ commitment.

Registrations will be delivered online at in a specific form. Participants are fully responsible to provide accurate data, which will also be used for insurance purposes. For registration fees, please refer to:

 1st phase
until July 15th
2nd phase
from July 15th until September 30th
3rd phase
from October 1st until November 15th
TWO ELEMENTS (RELAY)300,00€325,00€375,00€
THREE ELEMENTS (RELAY)450,00€475,00€515,00€
FOUR ELEMENTS (RELAY)600,00€625,00€675,00€

The registration fee must be paid until the registration deadline in order to benefit of this value on each . Instalments are accepted during the early payment period. To set a payment schedule, please contact the organization. Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail and their names will be placed on the list of participants after payment is processed and checked. This checking is manual, so it may not be effective immediately. There will be no refund for the registration fee unless the organization is responsible for the cancellation of the competition.


  • Transfers from Faro to Alcoutim on the 29/11 – time to be announced on the participant’s guide.
  • Light meal in Alcoutim on the 29/1
  • Participant’s kit
  • Assistance, plus liquid and solid supplies in all the refreshment points
  • Assistance and help services throughout the race
  • Transfers from Vila do Bispo to Faro on the 2/12 – time to be announced on the participant’s guide
  • Finisher’s prize
  • Finisher’s t-shirt
  • Personal accident and liability insurance
  • Giveaways from partners


No data changes are allowed for any participant after the 15th of November. In case of cancellation, the paid amount will be credited in the benefit of the participant, or a designated participant, exclusively for the 2019 edition of ALUT, or for any event organized by ATR – Algarve Trail Running accordingly with the following table:

Desistências/cancelamentoMontante em crédito
Until 30th of june100%
Until 30th of septmber75%
Until 1st of november50%


Until the 15th of November, each participant must deliver a valid medical certificate for his/her country of residence, stating his/her ability to participate in extreme endurance sports, along with a disclaimer statement to be downloaded from . In addition, participants must show an evidence of their participation – and completion – in a competition longer than 100 km in the last two years.   Applicants will not be accepted in this event without these documents.



The course covers a distance of approximately 300 km, with a positive climbing of 6,680 km D+ and a time limit of 72 hours. These figures can be adjusted. Definite data on the course will be communicated until 15 days before its start.


ALUT – Algarviana Ultra Trail mainly follows Via Algarviana which is signalized on the ground by a set of trail markers. These markings include stakes, direction arrows and paintings on natural surfaces to show route directions, and they always follow the Grand Route (GR13) identification code, as shown in the image below. 

ALUT - Algarviana Ultra Trail - Sinaletica

The route must be driven via GPS, in spite of being clearly marked. GPS will allow to check the full and correct coverage of the route by the participants and to assure the compliance of the defined route for the competition. Elimination applies if the participant fails to return this equipment in order to download the log file when required at the end of the competition. This equipment is mandatory and, as main features, it must have autonomy and a log memory for at least 10,000 points.
The equipment should be able to change/charge batteries at any time during the run to keep tracking and recording data continuously, without interruptions, during the entire competition. GPS track files will be supplied in advance.

For further information on Via Algarviana, please refer to: If you wish to contribute for the maintenance of this route, please make a donation to its managing entity, Almargem. Please, follow the instructions at: or on the registration form.


The basic principle of this competition is semi-autonomy. Semi-autonomy can be defined as the capability of being autonomous between two supplying points – food, clothing and safety – allowing the participant to overcome any expected or unexpected contingencies. This implies the following rules:

  • Each runner must carry all the mandatory equipment along the full extension of the competition, as described in the “Equipment” section.

  • This equipment must be carried in a proper bag/backpack and must be shown to the referees when required. Failing to meet this request, due to lack or loss of the equipment or – unauthorized access, can imply the participant’s elimination/disqualification.

  • Food and beverages will be available at each refreshment points for consumption on site. Only beverages can be supplied to refill the proper containers carried by the participants.

  • Passing through checkpoints is mandatory, even if the participants don’t wish to benefit from any kind of assistance.

  • Participants should be aware that there will be no traffic cut off in commonly used roads. Thus, runners must strictly follow all traffic rules applied to pedestrians.

Deliberated assistance within the route is forbidden and implies the participant’s immediate elimination. Participants are allowed to buy or receive food along the route.

3.3.1. Participant’s assistance

No more than two assistants per runner are allowed at the checkpoints. Assistants must not disturb other runners or volunteers working on site. Moreover, they must always have their identification credentials as supplied by the organization. The organization can limit access to some areas in the checkpoints. Assistants cannot intake the participant’s food and beverages without the organization’s expressed consent. Support team members are only allowed to run for 200 meters before and after the refreshment points.


Participants must report their arrival at every checkpoint and confirm the register of his/her passage. The breast plate must always be clearly visible, particularly when arriving at checkpoints. There will be the following checkpoints:

  Dist. (km)Dist. (km)
CachopoBarranco do Velho10228,7
Barranco do VelhoBenafim126,924,9
MarmeleteBarão de São João26336,0
Barão de São JoãoVila do Bispo28623,0
Vila do BispoCabo de São Vicente30014,0

In addition to checkpoints, participants can have access to beverages in intermediate points as listed in the participant’s guide.


Maximum time for completion of the run is 72 hours. Time barriers for check in and check out at each checkpoint will be stated in the participant’s guide. Participants must check in and check out at each checkpoint within the time limit set by the organisation to be allowed to continue in the competition.
The organisation reserves the right to change time barriers in case of unfavourable weather conditions or due to safety issues.


Mandatory equipment can be checked along the competition. Mandatory equipment must include:

  • Backpack or waist pack with a reservoir with 1,500 ml, minimum capacity, for liquids and/or a drinking cup (there will be no glasses at the supply stations)
  • GPS and backup batteries

  • Food supply (1000 calories, minimum)
  • Two light sets and spare batteries

  • Survival blanket

  • Mobile phone

  • Raincoat

  • Whistle

  • GPS Tracker – supplied by the organisation

  • Rear light


Participation in the competition will be denied to all participants who do not comply with the rules and regulations, if the violation occurs previously to the start of the race; participants will be disqualified if the violation occurs during the course of the race. However, participants will be allowed to resume the competition in order to respect their right to claim.
Participants will incur in penalties or disqualification if:

Não cumpra o presente regulamentoNão leve o seu dorsal bem visível
(penalizado até 10min.)
Não cumpra a totalidade do percursoNão efetue o percurso sinalizado
(penalizado em 1h)
Deteriore ou suje o meio ambiente por onde passeNão transporte o material obrigatório
(penalizado em 30min. por item)
Ignore as indicações da organizaçãoPerda do dorsal (penalizado em 30min.)
Tenha alguma conduta anti-desportiva
Receba qualquer tipo de assistência do exterior
Perda de tracker

The organisation reserves the right to deter the participant if, after a medical evaluation at the assistance points, a poor physical condition is found.


A personal accident insurance is included in the registration, in compliance with the legislation in force. The policy number will be communicated on the participant’s guide before the race.


In case of withdrawal, it is recommended to do so at the checkpoints and participants should immediately report it to an organization member. Outside checkpoints, participants must contact the organisation as soon as possible. The breast plate must be returned to an organisation member and can be retrieved afterwards at the competition’s office.


The organisation will supply labels with breast plate numbers to every runner corresponding to all checkpoints. Participants will be responsible to report the checkpoint number where he/she plans to receive each bag. The organisation will provide these bags. Checkpoint bags may be delivered only on the last day of the race. In spite of the utmost care taken with all belongings, the organisation will not be liable for any equipment/objects loss or damage during transportation or storage.


ALUT’s participants (individuals or relay teams) will be classified according with the best time taken to cover the full extension of the route. Prizes will be delivered to the first five individual runners (men and women) in the overall classification. The best individual runner will be the ALUT winner. Regarding relays, teams will be classified according with the number of runners in the team: two, three or four runners. However, prizes will only be delivered to the first five teams concluding the race (general classification), regardless of the team´s size (two, three or four runners).


The organisation of the competition, its sponsors and partners on this event reserve the right to disclose freely the participants’ enrolment in the event and the results of the competition in countries all over the world, through all means of communication.
The organisation and the media are allowed to record the event on photography or video for later commercial use.
Participants who do not want to consent the use of their individual images for commercial purposes should inform the organisation in advance and in writing. Otherwise, participants will be automatically authorizing their use at any time and losing any right to receive a financial compensation.


The organisation reserves the right to change the rules and regulations in order to ensure the smooth running of the competition. Participants will be notified about any changes on the event’s site or Facebook page. The organisation shall solve any omissions to this regulation. The organisation’s decisions are final. Once enrolled as an ALUT’s participant, runners must commit themselves to respect fully and unconditionally all the previously stated rules and the ethic of the competition.