The Algarve

The Algarve is the most meridional region of Portugal. It is known by its natural beauty, its beaches and mild weather throughout the year. Chosen as a main destination by many holidaymakers, here is where some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe can be found.

However, the Algarve has much more to offer. Whether resulting from great natural catastrophes – e.g. the great earthquake and tsunami of 1755 – or due to current social and urbanistic changes, the inner Algarve has been kept isolated from all the fuzz happening along the coastline. Today, it is the keeper of all traditions, cultural and patrimonial heritage of this region. In this inner Algarve we will find more than its stories: we will find its History and its most outstanding heritage.

ALUT’s participants will have the opportunity to contact with parts of this History as they run through the ancient Road to São Vicente and the Umayyads’ Roads, revisiting our origins and the multicultural inspirations that shaped us into who we are today!

The current boundaries of the Algarve were fixed 750 years ago, but the various Al-Gharbs are more ancient. No matter if we talk about today’s boundaries or the ancient ones, this land always belonged to the different people arriving and leaving.

How to get here

Most participants are expected to arrive to ALUT – Algarviana Ultra Trail – by two main and complementary ways: by road and by air. They also have the option to rent a car during their stay in the Algarve. Bearing this in mind, we established a partnership with Visacar – Aluguer de viaturas which has very favourable advantages to participants.

For further details, participants should contact the organisation.

ANA - Aeroporto de Faro

Where to stay

We also established a number of partnerships, covering distinctive lodging needs and preferences for those arriving in the Algarve for the ALUT – Algarviana Ultra Trail –, namely participants, their support teams, families and friends.

For further details, participants should contact the organisation.

Pestana Hoteis